Women's Union Made Pique Cotton Polo

-20PP 6.5 OZ

-US-Union Made, Worker’s United. Only union made women’s pique polo in the US!

-100% cotton pique

-Matching knit collar & banded sleeve

-3 button placket with wood-tone buttons

-Size S-5XL

-With pocket, add $1.50

25-74 Shirts


Color: $20.75/shirt

75-149 Shirts


Color: $20.75/shirt

150-299 Shirts

White: $18.50/shirt

Color: $19.50/shirt

300-999 Shirts

White: $18.25/shirt

Color: $19.25/shirt

1,000 + Shirts

White: $18.00/shirt

Color: $19.00/shirt

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